August 10th, 2009


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Sorry for not updating.

So we're taking Jadey cat to the vet tomorrow as the wound she's scratched out under her chin is quite large and she won't stop scratching it. My mother was very quick to say "If it's cancer, we won't go through chemo." Jade is 8, nearly 9, still a bit young, 51-ish in human years, so like, my mom's age, actually. I haven't noticed any other signs of sickness at all, (she's not even really more lethargic than usual) so I highly doubt it's cancer. I'm thinking maybe a bug bit her while she was napping and she had an allergic reaction which can be cured by like a head cone thing and maybe some anti-allergy medicine. I hope if there's medicine we don't have to stab her with a needle or something. Bah. Poor lovely kitten.

In other news I was voted Bella in ratingtwilight, with some votes for Alice, Emmett and Renee. I approve of the range. I'm in the midst of the matchmaking theme -- I have one vote for Jasper and three for Carlisle. I will share my thoughts on this once I am stamped.

I finished reading Eclipse in about a day and a half-- muchisimas gracias, Kitkat! Now I must wait to get Breaking Dawn from the library or maybe go to Powell's and see if I can find it used. I must say, staying unspoiled is proving very difficult. I'm trying to forget all spoilers directly after I've read them. So far it's working pretty well -- even the most recent spoil is starting to get fuzzy in my mind.

I'm trying to make good animated icons of Kstew and it is going okay. Blah. Still not satisfactory though.

I saw Julie & Julia with Jessica this evening. So adorable! Meryl Streep is my hero.
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