August 11th, 2009


Kitten update

Little Jadey cat is absolutely fine!

It just turns out she's probably allergic to plastic. Which makes sense, because we left the plastic self-filling water bowl out for her while we were gone over the weekend, and when we got back her sore was far, far worse. The vet just gave her a steroid injection and an antibiotic injection, and we'll go back in a couple weeks to make sure all is well. We got new ceramic dishes for the kittens' food since the old ones were plastic, and we also got some wipes from the vet in case Jade's wound gets gross again, though she's completely stopped scratching it now and seems very happy with herself. Which is good considering she got two needles stuck in her and a bunch of fur shaved off her face today. She's just chillin' with me. Good to know she doesn't hate me.

It's okay Jadey friend, I didn't think I had allergies either and now I'm allergic to cheap metal, certain kinds of grass, dust and mold. These things happen. Your bone structure looks very pretty with that shaved chin, my kitten bud.

Also the vet said she was in excellent health and actually was an average weight, so you tell your siblings they can shush.

[/crazy cat lady]
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