January 16th, 2010


From an interview I found, taken after this year's Anime Expo.

APA: If the movie is successful, will you do additional movies and a new Trigun anime?

Nishimura: Given the opportunity, I would like to. It's up to the producers, not us. We'd love to do both another movie and anime series.

Okay, so even if the movie sucks, we have to make it successful, so that they can be given the opportunity to do something better. Trigun fans, HOOOOOOO!!!!

In other news, I have recently been wandering deviantart for more Vash/Meryl fanart, and am surprised to find how much support there is for this fandom. I thought we were the minority. Why aren't we banding together and requesting at least some really awesome makeout scene or something?

PS. Does anyone here wish I'd update more? Because I could... in theory.

PPS. Sakuracon in three and a half months!
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