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I figured I should at least make a little (literal use) post telling you folks that I'm okay.

I'm still hufflepuffing it up (got an official scarf and tie for Christmas, ftw) and I'm in the process of getting full completion in KH2 (which I also got for Christmas, I only have the Hades Paradox Cup to finish, plus collecting the rest of the shards/stones/gems needed to complete the synthesis, how's that for video game geektoid). I've got an incredibly tiny part in the musical, but there's actually a chance that I may get a main part in the Female version of The Odd Couple (Olive if you want to do research or something).

We have just read The Red Badge of Courage in my English class. War makes me feel very queasy. People should all just get along and fall in love and give hugs to each other.

And then somehow control the population.

Oh, and if you hadn't noticed due to my recent addition of icons, I have now seriously gotten into the US version of The Office, due to my brother Luke catching on to it before I had the chance to.


Quite possibly one of my favorite couples now. Because Jim is a G. And. HE IS FUNNY. And has brilliant facial expressions.

I am semi-in love with him, but mostly because schoolish options are on the lacking side of things.

Ali's type ftw?

PS. Jesse McCartney is still hot, but I am quite pro-Riku actually. Um, hello, I like, cried when he went back to normal. Not even joking.

It's too bad I'm so sensitive.

Now excuse me as I go finish watching XXX.

I shall return to Livejournal type duties (lo siento Jaxamillion ♥ ) most possibly... in the summertime. School zaps intellectual and social energy. It's funny how that works.

For now, enjoy this single Jim icon that took me like two hours to make. *points to usericon for this post* Dang I need practice-o.

Love you all, hope you're doing well.
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