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Haha, that's funny.

This is the third time in the past five weeks that I've posted. Every two weeks I post on a Sunday. So far. It seems.

Anywho, I made a facebook and am now importing all entries from here there. Becaaaause I don't know it looked cool. So yeah. If any of you folks have facebooks befriend me on there!

I also made a group for Wilson drama, so, uh, the like three people on here that are actually from Portland should definitely join so that they can keep up with the times.

I watched Pan's Labyrinth yesterday. It was alright. Kind of boring. And you know I really dislike both violence and R-rated movies, and this thing had both at the same time. So there you go. I liked the fairy tale bit and the gigantic frog that exploded, though. That was hilarious. I am such a baby.

I like how approximately ninety percent of the world that doesn't know me thinks I'm over twenty-one.

Sorry about being so non-updating-y lately, I've just been very busy, what with catching up on homework and freaking out about Odd Couple auditions and whatnot. At least I'm posting every now and then, ya?

PS. How 'bout that Vash making that promise to Meryl, huh? So OTP. They still haven't made out though. For shame.


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