alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Trigun X?

According to this site, Trigun X is now set to be released in 2008. Probably early 2008, considering where it's placed on the page...

And also, some Japanese guy is also freaking out about Trigun X. But I have no idea what he or she is saying.

But according to the comments, someone was talking about Wikipedia. So they probably know about as much as we do.

Hrrrm. Must keep searching!

Ohhh, I'm not getting anywhere. *pout* Oh well, at least I have "R.O.D. the TV" to watch when I get home! Haha, yay library!

EDIT: I have just read a rumor that it start from the end of the anime... that would be hecka rad. That's what I want most to happen, to be honest. The manga can get sort of confusing...

EDIT EDIT: Just read this: "Production started recently. The movie is expected to air later this year in Japan, then officially dubbed early to mid 2008." Exciting!

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Yay handy google translate tool! The first page there says the broadcast day is undecided because they are in the midst of planning. And the second page makes no sense... but it basically says, I think, that the person is excited. Or something to that extent.

Borrriing. Subway time!
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