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Spring break ftw

Okay, so, I'm in the middle of making a new layout for my livejournal, right? Which basically constitutes making two banners: One large header-y one for the actual layout, and one for the profile.

I'm semi-in-the-middle of making the layout banner...

I really wanted to put some lyrics of Snow Patrol's "Run" in there somewhere, but right now I don't see much space. Should I take out the speech bubbles and make that white frame not white anymore?

I'm going to put some light textures and stuff on it once I'm all done, it's basically the coloring (though I'll probably edit the hues later) and the setup that I'm working on now. And let me tell you, it is intense.

"Intense" is pretty much my new catch phrase. Except... no one ever catches it.

PS. Two things. First of all, I woke up at 5am today and couldn't get back to sleep (sarcasm YAY!). Second, I'm going to go see Adam Sandler's Reign Over Me today. Another rated R movie for me to see! (semi-sarcasm YAY!) I am excited though, I've heard Reign Over Me is good, and I'm kind of in the mood for something philosophically emotional. Wootwoot.

Ohwait, one more thing. I did this free natal chart analysis thing and it was really accurate. It got my polarity down pat, my restlessness, my sensitivity, all of it. It's really long, too. Pro-awesome. And actually, I learned a few things about why I might be the way I am, psychologically. Thus, I must recommend that you do it as well. Even if you don't believe in that sort of thing. I mean, I don't completely, but... well, you'd have to discuss with me my views on the subject. I talked with my mother about it and she seemed to agree. Hooyah?
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