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I just watched Elizabethtown for the first time.

Hence, I am in a musical mood. I feel like singing. With people.

But no one in my house wants to sing with me. ):

Make time to dance alone with one hand waving free.

Once my iPod is done charging I'm going to go outside and dance alone with one hand waving free. Well. Sometimes one hand. Sometimes both. Sometimes neither. I would really prefer dancing together with several hands waving free.

Hey guys. Any of you want to dance alone at the same time as me? We could time it. See if we have any of the same songs and stuff. If you're interested talk to me on MSN. It would be a blast and a half. Doing things alone together is my cup of tea.

Love stories are triumphant. Orlando Bloom is not a bad actor, but is still not ridiculously good looking. It is humid. I am tired but vibrant. QED.

I really do need new layouts. But nothing is ever good enough.

Air and I are good friends.

And then some.

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