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Yeah, Okay, so it's been a while. Big deal.

The only reason I haven't updated is because I haven't felt the need to. And, okay, so things are happening in my life. But nothing I really need to blab on and on about.

However, that said, just leaving this journal empty for so long does no good for anyone. So, alas, the time has come for me to talk about nothing again.


Getting a nice haircut with my mother on Thursday. Then I have an orthodontial appointment. At least I'll look nice as they reenforce my paaaain.

I'm going to the Lloyd Center again today, buying .HACK//Whatever the second one is, I can't remember. I still have to beat Skeith on .HACK//Infection, but that shouldn't be -too- hard, I've dealt with more difficult things. Yeah, and I was going to meet up with Sarah, but she's not on right now and I'm afraid if that I were to call her she would be asleep. I don't know how her internal alarm clock goes, y'know. Difficulties. So I guess if she comes on in the next two hours we could figure something out. If not, there's always another day.

We took a family trip (without my dad) to the Washington Square Mall/Powell's Books yesterday, that was, er, semi-successful. Didn't get anything at the mall, got four books at Powell's. Martyn Pig by Kevin Brooks (I wanted to get Kissing The Rain, his newest one, but it came only in hardcover and I didn't want to pay seventeen bucks) looks the most promising, I'm about three eights of the way through it at the moment.

Mom keeps telling me to save my books for our trip to the Alvord, but I've got Watership Down for that and hey, what are CD Players for?

Oh, right, The Alvord. Alvord Desert to be prescise. In South-Eastern Oregon, Quite close to Nevada. There's a small town near The Alvord, Feilds. It's only like three houses a restaurant and a cheap hotel, but the restaurant serves the BEST milkshakes. It's amazing. Awesome. Astonishing. Astounding. Anomalous. Need I go on?

The Alvord Desert is a vast expanse of dry dirt, dry shrubbery, and your occasional dry waste and tissue paper. We camp. We sunbathe. We get scared stiff when a snake crosses our path. That sort of stuff. Oh, and there're -countless- bees. Everywhere, the nasty little things are. It's always bzzzz. BZZZZZ. BZZZZZZZ, DANGIT! In the Alvord. Yeah, well. At least there are good milkshakes nearby.

There is no point to camping in the Alvord, other than the milkshakes. The milkshakes are your sole reason for survival in the Alvord. Your skin begins to peel from sunburn, you think, oh well, at least I can have a milkshake later. The hot springs you go to are all old and mucky, you think, oh well, at least I can have a milkshake later. Your very being is eroding away like the dirt of the desert from the winds of the mountain, you think, oh well, at least I can have a milkshake later.

Milkshakes save lives.

Turns out Sarah can't go to the mall, her mom won't let her. Ah, well. At least I can have a milkshake later.
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