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Musical Voice Post

970K 5:12
(no transcription available)

"I just watched The Producers
And I feel like singing!
So I'm singing!
The telephone.

I got scratched on my arm and it hurt
The small band-aid that I chose to cover it
Is slowly wearing off
And I'll probably
Need a new one
Very soon

I feel sad and happy at the
Same time...
And I know
That things will be alright...

Mr. Jasper... (Mr. Jasper)
He's meowing at me
Because he's not used to me
Singing all the time
He's a little cat
And I'm put my foot on him
But not to step on him, I just pet him
Wait, back into the musical voice

I feel so alone sometimes
But I know that I
Will find the one
Or someone close

I know that I have a lot of friends
On my side
But still I feel
like I've
Got a long way to go

It's Friday night
And I'm all alone in my house
And I know that I'm not alone in my life
But still there's always something
I feel I'm missing
I feel like I'm hoping too long

Gotta get up and go but don't know where.

Oh, I've got to go
But I don't know where
And I don't know how
I don't know how to drive
And I haven't been on a bicycle since 1995

Oh, I've got to go
But I don't know where
I gotta go
But I don't know how.

Oh, I'm in love...
But I'm not at all.
Oh, I'm alone...
But I'm not at all.
Oh, I'm in... light?
But I'm not at all.

And I'm nearly seventeen
But I'm not at all!

Oh, I've gotta get outta here,
But I don't know where to go,
Oh, and I don't know how
To leave this place
That's so familiar, yeah

I've just gotta keep moving on forward
And I've gotta
take into account
what happened in my past

And I've gotta keep moving on
But I can't let go
Oh no
No I'm stuck here
In this chair
Waiting for someone to

Oh, I've gotta get OUTTA HERE
Yeah, but I don't know where to go
And I don't know how to go
When I'm so lost
And I'm so without means of travel

Oh, my cats are distraught, why am I singing? This is so weird....
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