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Hello again.

I'm going to go get a mint brownie ice cream sandwich from 7 Eleven for dinner.

It shall be grand.

I am tired, but still very pro-me.

Saw Ocean's 13. Full of charming, good looking men. Very nice. Kind of wanted to take a nap at some points, just because they were talking about drills and stuff. I don't need no drills.

Oh yeah, and I was originally going to go see Knocked Up, but when I asked for my tickets, the lady ID'd me. What a loser. I'm seventeen in four days, get over it. I mean, I didn't tell her that or anything because I wasn't up to the excitement, but still. I wasn't ID'd at Pan's Labyrinth or Reign Over Me.

Er, I'll probably end up writing more later, since I am feeling very self-expressive and such this week. Everyone should continue talking about how great I am.

Signing off,
Your pal,
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