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The Adventures of Sir Peter Lamb episode one plot synopsis (with screen captures and icons!)

You've waited five whole hours for this, and it's finally here...

The Adventures of Sir Peter Lamb
episode one: to the fabled library

One day, Sir Peter Zachary Lamb The First decided his homebody life needed a little spunking up. He did not have any opposable thumbs, however, so he had to get his photographer, Alessandra, to open the door for him.

Sir Peter trotted his way over to the large swinging contraption and climbed up to the large seating area, where he was able to see a grand scheme of outside wonder.

"What is this world, Sir Peter questioned, and why have I not explored it during my previous travels?"

The photographer Alessandra attempted to warn Sir Peter of the dangers that he might come up against in the outside world, such as cars and bees and dogs and, most of all, dirt, but Sir Peter immediately disregarded everything his photographer had to say and shimmied up a tree.

"This is so exhilerating," Sir Peter mused, "but why have I not climbed trees at all during my previous travels? Hmm. I do enjoy trees. This is really quite nice."

"That leaf seems a bit threatening," squeaked Sir Peter. "Alessandra, would you please get me down?"

The photographer Alessandra proceeded to retrieve Sir Peter, and they began their journey to the fabled Multnomah County Capital Hill Library.

At one point, Sir Peter began to tire, as knighted lambs may, so he had a rest while he pondered the possibilities of life on a rock nearby the beaten concrete path. The photographer Alessandra moaned as she imagined all the dirt that would now be all over poor Sir Peter.

"Why are fruit roll-ups and fruit by the foot so very delicious?"

After Sir Peter finished his resting period, the photographer Alessandra dusted him off a bit and they continued on their adventure.

Along the way, Sir Peter saw a wooden box. When he examined closer, he found the box contained several beautiful flowers and a patch of three-leaf clovers.

"I'm sure three leaf clovers are perfectly lucky in their own way," Sir Peter lilted.

He then motioned that he and his companion should move on forward. Suddenly, Sir Peter noticed a large structure on top of a pole. He inquired the photographer Alessandra as to what exactly this object was. The photographer Alessandra replied, "It is a street sign, my lord!"

Sir Peter asked for a commemorative photograph to be taken.

"Goodness me, this is uncomfortable," Sir Peter complained. "Could we, perhaps, keep on keepin' on?"

And they did keep on keepin' on. They travelled for blocks and blocks, until the photographer Alessandra was suddenly distracted by a large flower of the sun.

"What are you doing, dearest photographer?" Sir Peter did not like being ignored. "We have books to return!"

The photographer Alessandra was too intrigued in the large flower to pay attention to her employer. She examined the flower futher, to find that there was a young, greenish bee huddled inside the flower's combs!

"Love, please, let's go!"

The photographer Alessandra did not respond. Therefore, Sir Peter was by great frustration prompted to leap, to pounce upon the large sunflower in order to snap the photographer out of her trance.

"I said, it is time for us to continue on to the fabled Library, you loon of a thousand loons!"

Immediately, the photographer Alessandra warned Sir Peter of the bee!danger he might be in. However, Sir Peter was having too much fun swaying around on that flower to care about anything the photographer had to say to him. Silly Peter!


The photographer Alessandra snatched Sir Peter off of his flower and quickly brought him along to the library. Before they reached their destination, however, one more obstacle was fated to interfere.

"How did I get here?" Sir Peter wondered.

In fact, he had fallen asleep in the photographer Alessandra's arms, and, when he smelled that definite scent of true danger and need for caution, he sleep-walked to the site of that danger, hopped upon it and thus woke up.

"Well, this is odd. Hem hem. Photographer?"

He and the photographer then walked just a block further and arrived at their destination.

"I'm not a book, you loon!"

The return journey was much less dangerous and went a lot more quickly. However, when Sir Peter saw a helicopter tree, he could not resist further examination.

"These helicopters have yet to fly..." Sir Peter felt sorry for the seeds. "Alessandra, come closer, take a look."

The photographer moved closer.

"See? Look at how brilliant this design is! Move a little closer, my dear photographer."

The photographer Alessandra moved closer.

"Why... hello there." Sir Peter moved a bit closer to the photographer Alessandra. "You're looking quite gorgeous today."

Sir Peter then lost his balance and fell to the ground. Along with him fell a helicopter.

"We flew together!"

Sir Peter and the photographer Alessandra had completed their journey. But before the daring Peter returned to his comfy home, he flirted a little with the local wildlife.



As always, comment, credit and enjoy!
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