alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

birthday birthday birthday!

I was born at 1:07 am on June 29th, 1990.

Yay for R rated movies.

Except not because mostly they suck and are scary and/or degrading.


OH AND JACKIE I LOVE YOU! Rofl. For serious. Gotta love those virtual gifts. ♥ Thank you~

PS. Bleach sucks but Johnny Young Bosch = Vash. Inu Yasha just sucks in general.

Adventure time for Ali! But wait, first, sleep. Yay, sleep!

PPS. I love you all, really, I do. Especially you. Yeah, you. You with the face. And the legs.

As far as I know, all of my friends have at least two legs.

Hem hem.

Hufflepuff robes have not come yet. They will probably come while I'm in California. Silly robes, inadventageous arrivals are for things I don't like, and you are most certainly something I like! A lot! With fervor!
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