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I would have taken full-length pictures, but... I'm lazy. And gross.

Because I am lame, I am just going to post what pictures I uploaded and synopsis I typed for my Gaia journal, even though I took a few more pictures with Sir Peter for this one. Sorry!

Awww, look at all the cute little people! I attempted to take this picture to show how big AX was... but I don't think it does the size any justice. The convention hall is actually about twenty times larger than what you see there. Look, you can see the banners for Gaia's booth to the left of the center of the picture! Delicious Gaia!

Random Dragonball guy, I assume. Wasn't really paying attention. Was just like "ooh this guy's posing *click!* *walk on by!*"

EDIT: Apparently this is actually "Ryu from the Street Fighter video game series, doing his "Hadoken" special attack". Thanks N-finite (Gaian friend)!

Wooo, autograph session! And random bunch of people who spell out GAIA with their T-shirts! Gotta love it. You can see DJ Helsing's bright blue shirt at the very bottom left of that picture... sorry Deej! And then there's Truantduck, L0cke, Ling and Lanzer left to right. Silly L0cke.

That's the gigantic bow I had them sign sign the back of... yes, the one I stole from my friend's house. Isn't it shiny? Can you blame me?

DJ Helsing signed my crack. ... or rather, my fold. Haha. Alright, now everyone, go forge their signatures on important documents! Chop chop!

Who doesn't love random cosplay people taking pictures together even though their characters have nothing to do with each other? This girl's outfit was awesome... there were even huge claws on her toenails. I was quite impressed.

These two girls were just extremely pretty and I had to take a picture of them. I was a little scared of that sword though. It looks pointy.

And of course, the obligatory Pikachu cosplayers. D'awwww.

Now, panel time! I really didn't get very many pictures in because I was too excited... and the few I was able to get turned out absolutely horrible because I forgot to set my camera on night scene (the room was dimly lit so the projection would look purdy). I didn't get one of Zhigavo or whatever his name is though. I think I was too busy spasming from joy at the thought of animated plot updates...

See, I told you they were horrible. That's what happens when I'm not careful with my camera's settings... and also when I'm shaking so much from euphoria that I can't take a steady picture. Haha. ... but seriously.

Fast forward 20 hours... and here we are at the Gaia Gathering!

Can you spot me? I'm wearing a Hufflepuff tie! DJ Helsing looks absolutely radiant in that bright blue shirt. Dude, the gathering was fantastic. While we were sitting there waiting for people to take their pictures we sang a (excuse the pun) rousing rendition of "The Internet is for Porn". Sadly I don't know that song very well... so I basically just added a nice "porn, porn, porn" every now and then. Shame on me for not knowing the porn song.

I don't have any more pictures of the gathering because I was having too much fun, but you can probably find some in the convention/kiki's tour forum. I look really ugly in those so I'm not going to link you, but... if you're a stalker, it wouldn't be too hard to find them.

Sir Peter the Lamb, rocking the G-Corp wristbands I won at the Gaia Trivia contest because I was very hot and gross at the time and I didn't want to get them all messed up. For those of you who follow my livejournal, I have several more pictures of Sir Peter and his adventure to California which I should be posting in the next few days.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, basically I am really self-conscious so instead of taking pictures of myself in places I take pictures of Sir Peter. Also, I just like cute things and Sir Peter is most certainly cute.

Well, that's about it of my photographic coverage of the event!

Other things I did:
-Played bingo with L0cke and a couple of other very good looking men, L0cke was cursed though so we didn't win anything.
-Played bingo with Dri, Quiddie!, and some other girl I can't remember the name of, won and recieved a Gaia Mash-up Tee.
-Shot Lanzer with nerf darts twice during the admin's turn at the zombie game. The second shot was very unnecessary as I had already hit him and he was already down, but someone told me to do it, and I have no will of my own. I do have very good accuracy with a nerf gun though, I've found. Maybe I'm the sniper.
-Danced with all the cool peoples on stage. Was amazed by DJ's moves. Seriously you guys, I know you've heard it before, but we are not kidding. He is insanely good. I have the hugest crush on him now even though he is five years older than me.
-Ate the majority of a BLT pizza at California pizza kitchen with nine other Gaians -- Rychi, Pie Please and Bluestar39o3 to name a few.
-Afterwards, was left to fend for myself alone late at night after I could not get in touch with my parents via cell phone, took three hours to get in contact with them and get a ride home, was completely alone during that time and three people got arrested at the California Pizza Kitchen, probably for doing drugs or driving under the influence of something, because everyone seemed to be drunk that evening.
-Bought a Hufflepuff sweater for $20, as well as four boxes of Pocky, some lemonade, a fruit salad, a hot dog, a kitkat bar and some diet coke, all which together with the California Pizza Kitchen costs amounted to $65. Hell.
-Yelled Gambino's name a lot and held a contest for who could yell his name the loudest to get one of my wheel spin tickets. That was awesome.
-Asked the panel who Gino's mother was, which I was very proud of. L0cke said he has already written/thought up of that particular arch of the storyline, and it is one of the most twisted things he's ever created, so he's a little hesitant to actually use it. I say, rock on, strange things, rock on. Although at the panel I mostly just went "Oh Dear" and "Well, I would still like to see it". I was very awkward. And I think I talked too loudly. And I didn't mention the GST, which sucks. But it was my first time asking a question at a panel so I've definitely learned a lot for next time!

Speaking of which, I most definitely will be going next time... after how much fun I had at AX this year, how could I not?

I really hope that Gaia's able to fit Portland, OR's Kumoricon into their schedule for maybe even this year, because man, I have just not gotten enough of their delicious greatness.

And that's about all I'm able to cover right now. If you have any questions about my trip... or anything in general... please feel free to ask!
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