alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Okay, so Deathly Hallows was both very good and very disappointing.

First of all, what the Hell, all the Tonks AND REMUS dies. LAME-O. And then Harry isn't like "WTF LUPIN UR BABY'S GOING TO BE LIKE ME" he's just like "Sorry dude".

And Early Book Seven Remus, I mean, come on, get over yourself, it's obvious that you and Tonks love each other and that can conquer anything! You should know that as a brilliant DADA teacher! Lame-o!

Honestly, in my Hufflepuff opinion I think they both should have just stayed home and taken care of their freaking BABY. That's whats wrong with a Gryffinpuff marriage, although they are hot, they do constantly result in the Gryffindor seeking adventure and getting hurt in the process.

By the way, the spoilers I read 3/4 of the way through were that Lupin and Tonks die. I think it was actually better and more heartbreaking that I found out that way, though. Otherwise I probably would have pissed off at the way their death was written in the books...

We don't even know what happened! I mean yeah, they were obviously fighting and got it. But there must have been some valiant thing they did before they died! One of them must have died first and cried a lot and then got hit or something!

I was really happy about the number of times JKR had her characters swear and nearly swear in this book.

I don't care that Snape was a good guy, he's still icky.

This whole Deathly Hallows thing seems like it came out of nowhere. It's a great plot, but, I mean, I dunno. Craaazy.

I wasn't paying attention, when did Nagini die? I mean Harry just woke up and was like "haha Voldy no more horcruxes" and I was like "wtf snake?"

I'm going to have to go to church soon so I'll finish up quickly... will edit more in later.

The "19 years later" was EXTREMELY lame. VERY VERY lame. Lamest thing JKR has ever written, no offense to her. I mean, seriously. First of all, Ginny should have been able to name at least one of those kids. Second, it's great that Teddy's making out with some kid on the train, but can't we see him and talk about how hot he is or something?

Speaking of hot people, Ernie MacMillan for the win.

And, uh, well, I mean, I'm sure I have more to say, but I have to go. Luckily for you guys I actually sort of feel like discussing the book right now -- I deplore discussing books directly after I've read them. I won't be talking about it much in the common room.

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