alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

I Watched A Movie And My Wallet Was Stolen
independence v. loneliness; disjointed belonging
A Portland Odessey
Experienced By Alessandra Pamela Fritz

Intro. I began this project before it was assigned.
1. Original Concept, Patronage of Portland Regal Cinemas, how I experience my city
2. What it turned into -- “Perceptions”, thoughts on doing it alone
3. My Wallet Was Stolen and other type hits.

Day 0: Sydney White
The Lloyd Story from the beginning, Lloyd = my independence, summer
Catch MAX, bump into relatively handsome man in thirties
cheer up, smile at woman and her daughter, feel virtuous, safe
reach bus stop, reflect on dorkiness of movie, find wallet gone
relation with fear of California Pizza Kitchen in Long Beach

Day 1: Across The Universe
MAX construction
Lion King bag ripped, influence on movie
Ran to get MAX with ripped bag
Empty faces of workers, lackluster
uncomfortable comfort of the seats,
Let down of not crying, emptiness
Lloyd cinemas tarnished
walk home in the dark, fear
don’t feel like I’m in Portland, or that I’m home

Day 2: Into The Wild
No ID for Lust, Caution but not necessary for Into The Wild
Fox Tower Safety, smiling confidence of workers, concessions
Hidden Back room, door open, large crowd
“Diary” Entry
Coming To Terms with lost wallet, Regal card, confidence in city, possibly in self

Day 3: Elizabeth The Golden Age
Situation basically the same as Day 1.
overcoming fear of Lloyd cinemas, downtown across the river, MAX, people on Max.
Realization of lost points, reaction
What I have of my Diary Entry.
Reflection. nessecity of confidence in solitude
Nightmare Before Christmas missout, dark, empty

Day 4: The Bee Movie
Fully confronting my fear
Arcade, playground feeling of Lloyd Mall 8
Comparison of Lloyd 8 with 10

Day 5: Dan In Real Life -- TIGARD?

How I currently view Portland
What I’m missing out on, and my opinions on that
The whole perceptions thing. Psychology. You know.
Is this fifteen pages worth?
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