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Hot, talented, funny guys are great. Seriously I love them. I love them. Why can't they be all over me all the time?

In other news, other than the belt, bracelets, and blondiehair, my whole Gambino outfit is donzor! All bought and recieved. Huzzah! I may do a preliminary photoshoot later today and photoshop it to look more Gambilike.


I decided to prepare a MERYL STRYFE cosplay for AX as well! WOOOOOT I AM COOOL

SO I'm commissioning Limebarb to custom-make the tunic for me (not the cape or guns or anything, because I don't want to have to deal with that weight). That shall, hopefully, be amazing. Because limebarb's quality is uber top notch, aaand because I'm going to cought up $80 for it including shipping. I'm a little worried since I'm going to be hecka working out during the next six months that it'll be way too big for me by the time I receive it, but I heard Barb's good at making last minute alterations so things should turn out well. The tunic will be made mainly after the anime version and will have a belt for the cinched part of the waist. Classyyyy.

I already have some nice navy tights that I bought along with the red tights for the Gambino cosplay, so that's down.

THE WIG -- $21

Pretty damn perfect, and at a great cost for coming from THAILAND. It'd be nice if it were an eensy bit blue, but I haven't been able to find any wig colors that are the right dark blue. ... Any. So I think black is good.

THE EARRINGS -- $10 + ~$5 for earring converters

I can't believe how perfect these earrings are. Look at this closeup! Wooowww. If I miss out on these, I will be so mad-- so I'm going to make sure that I buy these, no matter what. And don't worry you's guys, I won't be peircing my ears specially for this outfit. I'll get some converters to make them clip-ons. :3


I may not get these exact shoes, as they're not exactly what I'm looking for, and apparently they run small. They're approximately the right height and bulk though, so they give you a good idea of what we're looking at. The little M lock could stand for Meryl though. ;o If I'm SUPER LUCKY, sometime my mother and I will go to DSW and I'll find some cheap flat ankle boots that she'll buy for me. God willing. @w@

Sooo, in conclusion, without the boots, this whole outfit is going to cost me $116-- twice the amount my Gambino outfit cost me, but still pretty reasonable. Besides, I've loved Meryl far longer than I've loved Johnny K... Probably almost twice as long! And at least twice as much. Sorry Johnny. <3

Oh, PS, I'm going to make a cute little music vid of my friends from drama all being cute and friendly. I'll post it here when it's done. I don't know what Alex Knapp was talking about, Windows Movie Maker is crazy simple.

PPS I did cardio for half an hour yesterday after lifting weights. It was epic. I was really energetic afterwards, despite hurting like a mother. So I'm going to do that every time I work out. Maybe I'll go again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. But not the day after that, since I have rehearsal...

PPPS look at my layout. Innit pritty?
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