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two things... wait, three.

First, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid is FINALLY available at the library, and I am INSANELY excited to watch it. Like, CRAAAZY. Such a great anime, FMP. It makes me feel like a million bucks when I watch it. Oh man. I haven't been this excited to see something since Harry Potter. No joke. I am pumped. Too bad I have to watch it alonezors. But that can be more relaxing, so whatever. DAAAAH SOUSUKE HOW I HAVE MISSED YOUUUUUU NOMNOMNOM SEGUE

Second, apparently clementine oranges have negative calories-- ie, they burn up more calories through digestion than they actually contain. I must inform my mother of this in case she doesn't know already. Clementines are delish snack foods, and if eating them actually makes me lose wait, I don't know why I wouldn't eat them! Other than the whole clementine smellin' yellow hands thing... but that can be cool. Like weird perfume or something.

Third, it is snowing and is very pretty. It's also sticking pretty well. Wouldn't it be crazy if I had school off tomorrow, like I had off Monday? What would they do, make Thursday the finals for periods three through six, or would we have to have school on Friday?

Okay, now it's stopped snowing. But it might start again. You know me, I always have faith.
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