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Stupid superdelegates and their stupid faces.

Obama's in the lead right now according to REAL delegates (he has 13 more), but because Hillary has 87 more SUPER delegates, she's technically ahead.

The whole concept of superdelegates is lost on me. I mean, I understand that it's supposed to be so that "Experienced Professionals" can have a say, but that's total crap. Just because I haven't been in politics for the whole seventeen years of my life it doesn't mean I don't truly know who I want to be president for rational reasons.

That last sentence was constructed really badly.

Anyway, it looks like voting in the Oregon primary MAY, I repeat, MAY, matter. There are still hecka other primaries and caucuses before then.

AND, apparently I am allowed to vote in the Oregon Primary. Some states have this cool law that if you're going to be 18 by election day, aka, by NOVEMBER 18th, you can vote in the prsidential primary. That is, some would say, totally gangster.

Sooo, I think I'll register pretty soon. I'm an early bloomer.
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