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Jas cosplay time!

Since the wig I got from Sakuracon would be so perfect for a Jas cosplay, I'm going to do one for AX and beyond! Yaaay!

Here are the soon-to-be components:

Big blue hair ribbon:

Large silver hoop earrings:

Stockings (will draw/sew blue lines on them later):

Grey leg warmers:

Flashion rose:

Doll ears/white headband:

I have the right components for the flashion skirt, and I think I'll wear the same white classy shirt thing I wear for my Gambino cosplay with this one, I'm not sure. Also, I plan to make some wings to attatch to my legwarmers to be my winged anklets... we'll see how that pans out.

Anyway, this should be pretty awesome. No one at AX is going to know who I am except for Gaia people, and probably not even them since my av is pretty plain and non-unique to Gaia... but I'll look darn cute, and that's all that matters!
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