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First of all, I got my badge for Kumoricon in the mail, and let me just say, badges look soooo much snazzier when the art on them is actually legit. I mean, that black and white astro boy thing on the AX badge this year made the whole thing look pretty cheap.

But with the Kumoricon badge, they used their mascot art and just kind of slapped some white text on it and it looks hella professional. It's also a hard plastic card, so it almost looks like a credit card (it's about the same size).

Anyway, I am actually legitimately getting excited for Kumoricon, despite all of the debating I did on whether to go or not. I just got a pair of new spanx footless tights in the mail today (thx eBay) which will really help with the hipular problem that seems to be apparent when I wear my Kaname Chidori cosplay commissioned from the eBay user fanplusfriend.

See the bulginess? Not good times. Also, note to self, learn how to iron pleated skirt plz. Awesome cosplay though, right? Of course I would be wearing a legit class shirt rather than the tank and would have a face and hair. Turns out the teal ivy wig I got is like the perfect color. Though, it doesn't really look good on my face... it might if I change my face. :P

Also, I recently bought a totally legitimate Vash coat for like $45, and I'm hoping to combine it with my Meryl cosplay to make a Vash/Meryl daughterlike thinger that will look way more hip than either of the cosplays by themselves. I do know that having my hair out underneath the Meryl wig looks fickin' sweet though. So at least I've got that going for me. Even if the cosplay combo looks strange, my hair might magically make it ridiculously awesome.

(Umm... I can explain?)

I will definitely update you on whether or not the combo works out. Especially since it will probably look superfab.

Also, I bought a female Ouran cosplay (the yellow dress) and I am SO excited for that to get here. I reaaally hope it gets here before Kumoricon because Ouran makes me super super giddy. Ohhh, if I find a Tamakiiiiii... I don't know what I'll do.

So since Kumoricon is three days, I'll probably leave out the Hufflepuff cosplay this time around. Poor baby. I've worn some variant of it on a day of every con since I got it!

Anywho, I am very excited to see if the exhibit hall is actually legit. And does Kumoricon have panels or video rooms? If it does have either I will be so happy. I love a good sit-and-watch. AHA! The main site says they do have BOTH video rooms and panels. Yahtzee! I wish they had a schedule up for either of those, though. I like to pre-plan my adventuring. But heyyy! They're filling 4500 swag bags! If they actually get 4500 people that'd be pretty sweet. That's a pretty steep number. At least, much higher than I had anticipated. In the swag bag will be my program book for adventure planning, a pocket guide and "goodies". I wonder if the "goodies" are actually good or like random postcards and crap? WHEE! I LIKE FREE STUFF! (though it's not actually free because I paid like $35 for admission but shhhh.)

I also wish they had a list of exhibitors on their site so that I could know what to expect. Bah. Their site is unsatisfactory. >:(

Buuut according to the forums there is an extremely popular Ouran Tea Party. Yessss. I will so take part in that. IF ONLY I COULD FIND OUT WHENNNNN D:

Oh well. I suppose I shall have to go with the flow. I bet I'll have a good time. After all, I had a great time at Sakuracon alone. And I bet I still would have even if I hadn't had the Gaia panel/dance or hang-out time with Chris.

In other news, here is my class schedule for my first term (10 weeks) at SOU:
USEM 101: Performance and Palpitation
TA 166: Theatre Foundations
MUS 197: Concert Choir
JPN 101: Beginning Japanese I
CS 210: Web Development I

All very interesting, right? I am pretty excited. But I am more excited for the two fall plays: Ring Round the Moon by Jean Anouilh and An Enemy of the People by Christopher Hampton. I just bought the former on eBay and it is currently being shipped. The latter I'm bidding on and will end in a few days. Is any one familiar with either of these titles? because I'm sure not. I mean, I've heard of An Enemy of the People, but I pretty much have no idea how good it is.

I have much more to talk about, such as:
frienship bracelets
tan lines
moving into the dorms
food at SOU
subway scrabble
various movies
expectations at my age

etc, etc, etc.

I will cover these eventually. Whenever I feel like relentless blabber again. Will that be soon? Who knows!
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