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oh Utada, life makes sense when I listen to your wavery many-scaled voice...

Thanks to music_envy, I now have access to all of the j-pop I could ever want.


I also DL'd like fifty or more Arashi songs and intend to pass judgement on each and every one of them. I already know there are a couple that are super lame, and a couple that are ridiculously awesome. One of the latter is the HYD Final Remix that has Wish, Love so Sweet and One Love all wonderfully packed into one song. I really like how they played with Love so Sweet. (Are those wedding bells I hear in the background? Dah TsukushixTsukasa greatness!)

Ahhh, illegal activity. Well, what am I supposed to do, pay $50 for for a foreign import CD with like two songs on it? If I continue to listen to these artists I intend to see if I can find anything on them at Sakuracon and AX next year. So there. Take that.

Speaking of taking things, I took some pictures of my MerylxVash cosplay. I'll upload them tomorrow at some point. Honestly, I'm not sure yet what I think of it... I might end up completely wussing out and just wearing the Vash coat like a normal otaku. Bah.

Also, speaking of Sakuracon, I reserved a room for it even though I'm not sure whether or not I'll be able to go. I figure I can always cancel, right?

Speaking of cons, I was looking at hotel info for comic-con 08, and the lowest nightly price was like $152 sin tax? WTF, mate? I mean I get you're close to the marina but whatever man. AX is in freaking downtown LA and they get way better prices. And they're like four or five times smaller than comic con on a good day. Are prices so high because of demand or are the hotels just being spoiled brats?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll probably still end up going next year because it pretty much sounds like the coolest thing since dry ice. But still. I'm really going to have to get a job at SOU if I want to go to any 2010 conventions at all... especially since I'm currently considering going to Sakuracon, AX and Comic con next year. Plus Kumoricon but that doesn't really count. But still that's like, up to possibly like $3k or something. I might BARELY have enough for Sakuracon '10 if I save up a little without getting a job. But, you know, I really should get a job. It's time I give back.


In other news, there was a RIDICULOUSLY loud and close thunderstorm this morning that woke me up at like 8. I figured I could try to lay in bed and sleep through it, but right when I was about to drift off, there was this huge one and I felt like I was being bombed. It was freaking terrifying and I couldn't go back to sleep. How rude.
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