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I pretty much finished fixin up my lj layout: blue_phoria

I'm probably going to do a bit more tweakin', but that's pretty much the jist.

In other news, I just bought my plane tickets for AX09! I have decided that no matter what happens with other cons, I will always, always remain loyal to AX, since it was my first con and kind of raised my independence, in a way. Every year I go, the more confident in myself I seem to feel. I really didn't get that feeling from Sakuracon, and I doubt I'll get it from Kumoricon. Comic con may be equally cool in a different way.

Speaking of which, Zack, a friend of mine who's a year younger, said that if I decide to go to Comic Con next year, he'd like to go with me. We wouldn't stay in the same room or anything, but we'd probably take the same flights and stay at the same hotel. And we'd hang out loads. Which would be cool, because Cades is awesome, and I don't think he ever really gets to indulge in his nerdiness as much as I do, so I think he'd have a great time. We shall see if that works out. But I consider him pretty much my best guy friend. So it would be very great.

As for Sakuracon, I'll have to wait to find out my spring schedule to decide whether or not I want to go. It depends on whether I have class on Fridays or not. If I were to go, I'd want to leave Thursday night so that I could be there for two full days before leaving on Sunday. Also I'll have to see if I get cast in a play or if I'm needed that Thursday through Sunday.

I've been feeling pretty lackluster lately. Maybe it's just the summer blues, but I think it's me getting more and more nervous and frustrated about going away to college and having to start over. I mean, I'm sure it'll be fine, it'll just be hella stressful for me since I'm not really a fan of change. And I tend not to look forward to stressful events. At all.

Sooo yeah. If I decide to stay up uber late again tonight, I'll probably make hellz more Hana Yori Dango banners/icons and then make a post in euphoricon. Even if I don't stay up late I'll end up doing it tomorrow, or the next day. I have all of these ridiculously gorgeous screencaps and I really need to do something with them... maybe I could go so far as to make a background? ... ... ... Nah.
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