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because I know you love my graphics sooo much!

Woot! Another euphoricon update! This time I tried something new: banners! Hopefully you'll like them, and encourage me to make more, because these were fun! :)

[26] Hana Yori Dango
[06] Full Metal Panic!
[04] Anastasia

Profile/Layout banners:
[26] Hana Yori Dango
(I swear some of them don't actually suck. See one of them in use at my personal journal blue_phoria if you don't believe me!)

Beware: pretty image heavy, due to the multitudinous banners.

See 'em all here @ euphoricon!

Finally, please remember to comment, credit and enjoy, for both icons and banners! :D If you use any of my banners as bases, PLEASE give me credit. Thank you!

I still have many more HYD icons and possibly banners to come, plus more Anastasia, and probably lots of Jun Matsumoto! Stay tuned and watch euphoricon for more! <3
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