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3 hours of sleep in the past 40 or so? yiggidy yikes.

Since I never actually posted any even quasi-legitimate pictures of my full metal panic cosplayyyy...

You may ask, why am I always pursing my lips in almost every full body picture I take of myself? Well, young padawan, it turns out the only good body poses happen when I purse my lips, for the most part. Strange but true coinkydink!

In other news, my mirror stamp at ouran_stampingz is proceeding well. So far I have three votes for Tamaki and three for Hunny. Dahhhh my adorable!feelings would increase so much if I ended up getting Hunny!

I need some Ouran icons... :\ WTF, mate? Buuut I've kind of been on a my-own-icons craze for the most part lately. Sooo maybe I'll make some for my next euphoricon update and just snag them from there! Brilliant!

Still no news on the scarf front. Mom offered to figure out where we went to dinner those nights for me so we could see if I left it there, but she's been busy with the campaign lately and I don't really want to bother her too much.

I have other things to talk about but I'm kind of hazing in and out of consciousness so I should probably go sleep. I'll probably update again tomorrow. I mean. It's LJ, right?
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