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Um, soooo

I went to this voice acting panel with Kirk Thornton... "You, Dub!" at Kumoricon, you know.

I figured Thornton was this, like, not very popular, hasn't had much work, voice actor guy. And. Ummmmmmm heeeee's apparently like "the godfather of all voice acting" or something and has had nearly freakin' 200 roles. UM. YEAH.

Anyway. So I went to this panel. And I did a voice over for Rangiku from Bleach. And I pretty much knocked it out of the park. It was AWESOME! I had so much fun! He was super impressed, along with everyone else in the room apparently (people sought me out later to compliment me about it).

But here's the thing. After the panel, I thought to myself, "I should go talk to him about the biz, you know, and thank him for coming to the con and giving me my first chance to try out voice acting."

I didn't. He was already like swamped with people, and, like I said, I thought he was like this lowly voice actor instead of like some voice acting god or something. Sooo I just left.

And now? Now, I am kicking myself. BAHHHHH
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