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bones. ps, palin's speech was SO ANNOYING

Turns out the season premiere of Bones was two hours long, too, so I didn't see as much antm as I thought I would. I'll have to watch it online or something as soon as possible. Because from the approximately eight minutes total I saw of it, it looked. Well. Fierce. Though the futuristic theme was LAME as all hell, the political themed shoot looked sort of cool, except for the fact that it really reminded me of the early shoot from Cycle... 8? The one with all of the various issues, like abortion and all that.

Once I've watched the full ep I'll make sure to offer my full opinions on everyone. I did see a good part of Isis' scenes, though, and I am so happy she is not being a stupid ho bag drama queen about her transgendery greatness (preliminary evaluation: she is cool(?)). Though, well, I mean. It's sure to cause some trouble later on.

That said, this cycle looks like it could be very drama juicy. Good times, ANTM, good times.


Re: Bones
-Can I just say, I love the sort of revamped filming style. I saw so many iconing opportunities. Especially since they were in London. Everything was so gorgeous. Especially Emily Deschanel. But well, she's always gorgeous.
-For some reason I wasn't really pulled along with the emotional rollercoaster this ep seemed to have. Maybe it was the accents?
-Cam is kind of a skank.
-I absolutely HATE that Hodgins and Angela broke up. They are both so stupid. Here's the real reason why Angela disliked that Cam slept with Barambou or whatever the heck his name is: she took pride in the fact that he apparently loved her so much, and that he was like a god, and that she had him wrapped around her little finger. So when Cam slept with him, that hit a part of her secretly gigundous ego hard, and she didn't know how to take it. Well. Plus Cam's kind of a skank.

I am going to have such a huge problem deciding on what shown to watch Wednesdays at 8. Pushing Daises, Bones, ANTM. WHHHYYYYY????

I will choose Pushing Daisies, most likely. Because Lee Pace is.

Lee Pace.
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