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antm. Thank you youtube. (too many brittanys.)

Sheena: I like her. I don't know. I have yet to form an opinion. She seems to be on the positive side of the spectrum for me though. Maybe just by a little.

Hannah: SHUT THE HELL UP. I get it. You're from Alaska. "We don't even have billboards." GOOD GOD I WANT TO SHOOT YOU. You're probably going to make me dislike Governor Palin even more. Good job representing your effing state. OH MY GOD, SHE SAID ALASKA AGAIN. I AM GOING TO SHOOT YOU HANNAH. WITH A HUNTING RIFLE. I am not surprised her favorite show is Gossip Girl. (Not that it's really a bad show. Chuck Bass = yummmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

Brittany B/Sharaun = yick. Her attatchment to her panties was freaking strange and she was not model pretty, plus she was a total BITCH about Isis. SHUT UP AND GO HOME plzkthxbai.

Speaking of which, Isis reeally took all of the criticism and stuff VERY well. And I love that she does know her stuff. Her shoot went really well despite thost dumb bitches trying to screw her up. Her picture was fiierce.

Brittany S/McKey = gorrrgeous...? Kinda. (McKey sounds like a middle name to me.) At first I liked her hair, actually, but then I saw all of her face and was like. WTF girl. You could be so much prettier. I bet after her makeover she'll do much better. I love how accepting she is of Isis compared with the other girls. But the whole boxing thing? Um. Tone it down a notch? This is a modeling competition. I guess she's learning.

Nikeysha: Not very model pretty, but I think the main problem with her is that she hasn't gotten really FOCUSED yet. I think she has the potential to take great pictures, she's just letting herself get a little overwhelmed, which is one of the reasons her face was so... deadz0r. She definitely deserved to be in the bottom two.

Brittany R/Brittany Brittany: forgettable? She definitely hasn't made an impact on me so far.

I reeeally want Clark's makeover to be super sketch and "new wave" so that she has to deal with a different kind of pretty and possible stop being such a stupid ho. I think Tyra will provide. But still. Grrr. Clark is such a wanker. "Growing up in a good Southern family." Girl, I will kill you. You are waaay too cocky. You're way more of a man than Isis.

For some reason Marjorie is super interesting to me. I have a feeling, though, she's going to be one of the ones who gets to the final 7 or 6 and just kind of fizzles out because she's so timid. She also has a really annoying nervous laugh. I don't know if she deserved to be called first...

Annaleigh is stunning, I do think she's going to be "the quiet one". I love that she did figure skating. She has to learn a bit before she can turn out ridiculously good pictures, though.

Eleina: could possibly be really good... mayyybe.

Samantha = dumb blonde kinda, not very likeable. Her picture was fierce though, that cannot be denied.

Sutan = wtf?

Everyone else: Do not care. ... yet?

Probably my favorite of the week: Isis. Bah. I'd like her even if she weren't transgender, I don't care what anyone says.

And now for general show comments:

Re: Clark and Eliena hugging at the end of the first call: Bwahahahaha.

Also: Serves Kacey right for being such a prick about Elena and Isis.

HAHAHA OMG. I want an icon of Sharaun's introduction to Paulina. "I am America's next top model." "ORLY?"
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