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Picking people was so tough... I decided against James Bond, Jack Bauer, Jack Sheppard, many otros

Since everyone and their mother seems to have done this meme, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon. Rah, if these didn't have to be fictional characters, I would be so made. See: Jon Stewart, Jeremy Sumpter, Jesse McCartney, James McAvoy, Jun Matsumoto. Anywayz. This wasn't too bad.

1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

iluvbsbkevin gave me the letter J! :3

"Jasette" Star Stryfe (RP character from the good ol' days)

Originally created as an AU Meryl Stryfe where Meryl is sekritly a from a clan hidden away where a group of decrepit scientists got together and believed so hard that they could be gods that they did become them. They became a hidden away heirarchical society based on the greek/roman gods. Meryl was born as Selene, then was "downgraded" to Artemis, then ran away. There's more to it than that but I'd have to type FOREVER and I don't feel like it right now. Anyway, she goes through this LOOONG story which includes making friends with Vash, going through that whole plotline and never seeing him again after he goes off to kill Knives. There's a bunch of crap that happened after that which is equally ridiculous, and includes a talking bear (with a lisp). Then, in my RPing with various folks, she got married, had a kid, cheated on her husband, had another kid, got a divorce, eventually got a crush on a demon, sacrificed her own emotions to become a demon herself, realized that wasn't a good choice and eventually turned back only to be totally scarred for life (see: scar of hero), after which she took her children to a wondrous, wondrous land called "Gaia" where they were far away from RP crapola, and she has been living there happily and inactively ever since (she changed her name just in case her past wanted to come back to haunt her). Aaand since she has a surprisingly spritely young body due to her immortality, she has been able to tap into the hidden inncocence in her mind and legitimately be bestest friends with Gino Gambino.

Don't question it, people. For the majority of this I was 11-13 years old. And completely literate, tyvm. The rest of it kind of randomly formulated in my mind via my goings on at Gaia and has never actually been RP'd.

James A. Stryfe (RP character from the good ol' days)

Strangely enough, his initials spell JAS. WTF, I never realized that. It's weird because people didn't start calling me that until years after his charact was created. Anyways, James had lots of problems, mostly related to his freaking strrrrange genes. He couldn't cry (later I found out it's an actual condition, not being able to produce tears), he was half-immortal and had no idea what that meant, he went through puberty in the span of like three days or something, and deep down he always felt like it was his fault for breaking up his parents. Aaand he fell in love with this misfit named Monkey, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and he was also a genius whacko "young" scientist in his "later" years. y/y?

Johnny K. Gambino of Gaia Online

Megalomaniac, father, ridiculously rich, secretly tortured inside due to the loss of Rosalie, great slash material, ummmmmmmmmyeah he's pretty awesome. Actually, Johnny/Edmund was the first slash couple I ever shipped. True story. I should mention, though, I think I'm going to retire the cosplay I have of him. The G-Buckle and G-Bracelets got hella torn up and mangled at AX/on the plane home... the G-Buckle is literally in peices. I doubt superglue will help this time. I have no idea how much it'd cost me to get some that are actually legitimate (ie, plastic or metal, instead of paper mache). I miiiight post a wanted ad on and see what people are offering... but that'd be in a couple of months, once I've settled in to college.

Jim Halpert of The Office

Jim just... makes me melt. It's his facial expressions. They're so amazing. AND. AND. His voice. Has anyone ever noted how comforting his voice is? I have. It makes me think of a warm, crackling fire. And hugs. And snuggles. And Jim, well, he just has so much love, and so much passion, and he's so silly, and creative, and great, and, well, you know, I want a Jim SO BADLY. :( He's like my perfect guy except too old. Siiiigh.

James "Sawyer" Ford of LOST

...need I say more?
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