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mmm, delicious schedule!

Not con planning, but it is kind of similar... I'm going to have a very busy day tomorrow, so I must plan it!

10am or earlier: wake up
10:55am leave house -- bring all library books, iPod, mocha frappaccino, camera, wallet, cell phone, Ring Round the Moon
11:08am catch 44
11:21am get off at SW Capitol & Bertha Ct
(Lunch starts at 11:25)
walk to wilson, give Jane twenty cents, socialize
ask miller about painting/signing auditorum
(Lunch ends at 12:05)
Paint/Sign auditorium (stage left wing, stage left side, "Ali Fritz wuz hear; class of 2008; (Sekrit ghostly haunting T-Board member of '09)")
Remember to clean up, fo srs.
12:40 leave for subway
12:50 get subway, eat
1:10 leave for bus stop
1:21 catch 44
1:31 get off at 4th and Jefferson
1:38 board 17 NW 21st Ave- st. helens rd to sauvie is. via st. johns
1:55 get off at NW 21st and northrup
2:00 Hair appointment-- same cut as last time, dyed back to original hair color, except maybe a bit richer. Also ask if maybe she can do that cool frosty more light at the front thing she did with the blond last time even though this is with brown.
~3:30 catch lightrail to bus stop
~4 bus stop shenanigans (catch either 12, 12 or 44 don'tcha know)
~5 drop all library books off (don't drop Ring Round the Moon!), pick up Complete works of Oscar Wilde
~5:15 get subway again and skim through/start reading A Woman of No Importance
~6:15 go home, watch local news at 7 for goodness sake instead of CNN which is poisoning your mind with Anderson Coopery goodness

On that note, does anyone know of a comedic classic play from the 19th to early 20th century akin to the likes of The Importance of Being Earnest that has a woman in her late teens or early twenties and may have a one minute long monologue? I'm currently thinking about using a fabled young american woman from the play A Woman of no Importance by Oscar Wilde. I'm not sure if she'll have any monologues but we shall see.

This is for auditioning for Ring Round the Moon at SOU. I need the aforementioned monologue, plus a 30 second joke told in a british accent. Anyone know any good jokes?

PS. I just saw Ellen's segment on her wedding with Portia, set to "Today" by Joshua Radin, and I definitely cried. It was so beautiful! I really hope they stay together because they work so well together and they make each other really really happy... ;3;
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