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Bones was relatively uneventful, though as always B+B=<3. So now for ANTM youtubage!

I just realized, Elina is the same age as me. That is so strange to me for some reason. I guess because she is waaay more comfortable with her sexuality than I am... >_> plus she is freaking GORGEOUS. GAHHHHH I wish I had a tenth of her prettiness. D: Dagh and her picture was so good, too. I will most certainly be rooting for her as the season goes on.

Annaleigh is so sweet. I love her. ;3; Too bad she didn't do very well at the shoot this week...

Speaking of people who didn't do so well this week -- Isis. You know, I think it was definitely a blessing for her that she was recognized as legit at that photoshoot in Cycle 10, which brought her to this cycle... but it was also a curse, as she hasn't gone through her transition surgery yet. She's undoubtedly going to be weakened, and she can't use it as an excuse, even though it is legitimate. If she pushes through it, which I bet she will, she really deserves to be commended for being so strong.

I'm so glad Nikeysha was eliminated this ep instead of Isis. Nikeysha was an annoying stick figure chatterbox who had barely enough talent and wasn't model pretty enough. Bye.

Sheena is so awesome. Dude, I thought that pose with the purse between her legs was genius BECAUSE it was so ridiculously horrible. Buuut then again I have no taste. :P She really dealt with the confrontation about her breast implants pretty well, though.

Lolz though, Jewell, I totally see the Hannah Montana now. "They accused me of being racist ... *sniff*. That's not very nice. :(" I kind of have to agree with her, though, they totally ambushed her and pushed the whole thing way out of proportion. I mean, yes, she does have some slight prejudices, but that's mostly due to the fact that she had a sheltered life, and if they just talked to her about it, maybe they could help her eliminate those prejudices. y/y?

I loved Lauren Brie's photo, srsly, but it could not be in a Dior campaign. It is way too Top Model Unprofessional for that. plzkthx. It is also DEFINITELY not top five top model history. There have been some INSANE pictures taken in top model history, Tyra. Don't get ahead of yourself this season.

McKey is still learning. I want her to learn faster. >:(

Sobre Marjorie: I agree with CT. STOP PLAYING THE FRENCH MUSIC when you call her up, Tyra. Grr. Her shot was gorgeous this ep, though.

Lolz at clock ticking. Dahaha.

Re: Preview for next ep. MAKEOVERS DAAAH I AM SO EXCITED
But. Whatthe hell are they going to do to Elina?!???? O_O I am terrified. Don't ruin her, ANTM!!! :(((
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