alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Stolen from Marie.

Are you an angel or a devil?
Are u more into light or dark
Fav. color
fav. band
U are that much of an angel: - 97%
U are that much of a devil - 66%
Sarah says u are a tree
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They didn't have blue on the Fav. color list, those --CENSORED!--

Your real age!
Your real age- 116
Do you act your TRUE
This fun quiz by Midnight_Sunrise - Taken 7854 Times.
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o_o; Scarily phsycic, Marie? xD Well, I guess I act like I'm 116? That's cool. oo; I think.

Why do others despise you?
Name / Username
People hate you because: You're always right
One day someone will... Use you
Person you should IM right now: tatsume13
The only person that will be there forever: That bum on the corner
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Yeah, yeah, I'm always right. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because I'm intelligent!


Which person on your LJ friends list will murder you for posting ridiculous amounts of these stupid memes all the time?
LJ Username
You will be killed by... brutal_contempt
They will kill you by... using your blood to make a work of art which they'll post in their journal
This fun quiz by killtheold - Taken 6740 Times.
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... We knew it would choose him. But still. e_e; Matt. My blood? My journal? Tsk, tsk. And I thought you were a loyal friend.

What will God say to you when you die?
You will say: Hey dude! what's with all the ugly chicks?
He will say: I should have killed you long ago...
How much do you deserve to be in heaven? - 72%
This cool quiz by megalomein - Taken 60058 Times.
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That could be taken as a compliment. "I should have killed you long ago."
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