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organizing cosplay, cosplay ideas, maybe a good place to store reference pictures later?

For when I have money to waste spend.

Current cosplay:
Vash halfass (coat), Trigun
Meryl (all except cloak, guns, maybe hip gun holster), Trigun
Yomiko Readman (all except coat), ROD --NOTE: NEEDS PICTURES D:
Kaname Chidori (all, looks kind of lame), Full Metal Panic!
Renge Houshakuji (all), Ouran Host Club
Hufflepuff Student (looks lame when I wear it to an anime convention), Harry Potter
Johnny K. Gambino (G Bracelets, buckle, pin, cravat? need replacing)

Needs addition/editing:
Johnny K. replacements (posted on
Meryl cloak, hip gun holster, two derringers at least. Look into super awesome action figure version. (Limebarb plz.)
Yomiko coat (should be able to commission it for less than $50 with shipping)
Edit Kaname cosplay (umm, what? How? Do I have skillz? Stay tuned.)

Future plans/ideas:
Fuu of Samurai Champloo (ask Limebarb, forums)
Tohru Honda of Fruits Basket (ask Limebarb, forums, ebay)
Yuuko of xxxHolic (probably just ask forums)
Rangiku Matsumoto of Bleach (???. ask forums)
Rei Ayaname or Asuka Langley school outfit of NGE (blah figure it out)
Asuka Langley yellow dress (see above)
Random Azumanga Daioh character (see above)
Rinoa Heartilly of FFVIII? (probably not, unless I lose a bit of weight)

I'm also considering making a "convention/cosplay" filter because I feel like half my flist couldn't really care less about this crap. If you'd like to opt-in on my random lists, pictures and banter about anime conventions or cosplay please comment here and I'll add you to the filter.
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