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this is my insomnia song, it isn't very long

Oh, also, I would post this on fandom secrets, but I am not embarrassed, and actually find it kind of funny.

When reading Ring Round the Moon, the play I'm auditioning for, the only thing that made it really bearable was that it reminded me SO MUCH of Gossip Girl. I mean the plot is really not at all similar but the characters and their relationships are. Well. Enough for me to srsly see a connection.

Hugo = Chuck
Diana = Blair (I was so shipping Hugo/Diana from the start.)

Those two were super distinct throughout. The others, not so much.

Frederick = Nate, also kind of Dan
Isabelle = Jenny, also kind of Serena

And then all of their parents and older relatives are like "Oh we are old and rich and uppity" or, like Isabelle's parent (RE: Jenny) "Oh, I am old and have high hopes for my child". Or, in the case of Capulat, the part I'm auditioning for, "Oh, I am old and wish I were young again". Hurdy hurr.
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