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Sooo I never posted this here, and it is great.

Yes. I did film and edit this all on my ownz0r with my rinky dink little mostly-for-taking-pictures camera (what it cost like $350 or something when I got it). Thank you, Windows Movie Maker 2.6 and Windows Vista for coming with it.

This video debuted at the 2008 troscars, which I was unable to attend as I was vacationing in Ashland at the time (hello, Danforth Comins). I won Best Actress in an Ensemble Role for Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland and the Ali Fritz award, which was created by me, for me, and people like me (not even kidding). Essentially the AF award is for people who don't EVER get any credit, but are ridiculously brilliant and are essentially the spirit of the drama department that year (I suggested that be the name of the award - "Spirit of the Dept. Award", but that didn't fly I guess). Those two awards I won? I never recieved. Yeah, we have statues and medals and everything. But when I visited Wilson again after coming back from Ashland, Mr. Miller said he thought someone had already picked them up for me, which is ridiculous. No one picked them up for me. So now they are lost and it is all his fault. Arg. So much for my credit. Now it's all in spirit and crap. Whatever man, I just wanted my statue and my name on a plaque. Shiz. Four years of heartache for WHSTD and I get absolutely nothing to put on my desk and college (this was the first and last year I ever won a Troscar for anything). I was in choir for a year and I got my name on a plaque for that (Wilson's Female Singer of the Year 2008, by the way). Haha. Talking about my accomplishments makes me feel so cool. Speaking of which, I sang the national anthem with the male singer of the year at graduation. In front of, literally, thousands of people. And I did a dang good job, thank you very much.

Anyway, enough about me (Impossible!). The majority of those featured in this ten minute long dedication video were seniors who are now going off to college, so that the kiddies could remember us if they wanted to or something. But there are also some other cool kiddies too. Like Korey (in the Taz suit), who is now Thespian Board Prez. And other people. Also, I am in twice other than my voice. You'll totally be able to recognize the second one (it's super obvious) but let's see if you can figure out the first.
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