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and I wonder, if you know, what it means, to find your dreams


Because you know I love things like this.

Japanese 101 was pretty interesting, though it was really just Yamanouchi-sensei explaining what we'll be doing and suchlike, and we got out early. I can tell that class is going to be really engaging for me, in that special part of my brain that doesn't get used much (I think it has the texture of bread pudding these days). Anywho, she seems really nice, and the class set-up is relatively organized. The only problem I have with the situation is that I have to go down to the language lab I think she said once or twice a week to work with the textbook, which is LAME LAME LAME LAME. LAME LAME LAME LAME! Apparently the company that makes Genki wouldn't give her a discount on the language CDs, so there's a shortage of them, blah blah blah, I have to do some of my homework somewhere other than my dorm. Sad times! Oh well, the class will be challenging and interesting, and that's all that really matters.

USEM 101: Performace and Palpitations is much more legitimate than I had anticipated. Apparently it's not just about performance on stage, it's about how we perform when we act with others on a day - to - day basis, and how we change our face based on the situation we're in, and all that. Which is seriously riiight up my alley. The teacher is this old man, Doyne Mraz. He is pretty dang crazy, which is how I like my English teachers. He swears and is blunt and weird and he reminds me a lot of Mr. Meiner, actually, except maybe a bit more addled in the brain thanks to many, many more years of dealing with students.

I don't think I've ever mentioned her, but I met this girl named Rachel at Raider Registration (we were pretty much buddies for the day), and she's in my USEM class as well as my Theater Foundations class, and I have a feeling we may become pretty good friends. Sooo that's excellent!

My word of the week appears to be "excellent".

Tomorrow is when the real fun starts-- My schedule is as follows:
Japanese 101. 9-9:50am.
Theater Foundations. 10-11:30am.
Concert Choir. 12-1:50pm.
Web Development I. 2-2:50pm.

I am majorly excited for Theater Foundations and Concert Choir. SO EXCITED AAHAHHHHHHARRGH THE EXCITEMENT!!!! The friends I will make! The hot men I will meet! It'll be AWESOME!

My audition is also tomorrow night, so preemptively wish me luck/pray/shoot up my competition for me, plz. I'll probably be doing the whole posting pictures and such of my room thing once this week quiets down, ie, on Friday when I have no classes. Yay for that!

And yay for CHUCK and HEROES tonight!! :) Sad that I'll be missing GG, but I can always watch it online somewhere tomorrow afternoon, right?
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