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I saw Riley walking down the hall the opposite way I was going earlier today, so it was like full frontal view, which I never really got at the floor meeting, and let's just say, five seconds after we passed each other I couldn't stop from mouthing "OH MY GOD" to myself.

That man. Is beautiful. I hope I get to look at him other times. It really brightened my day today. Not that my day reeeeally needed brightening, but still. Seriously. At this point I think he definitely goes on the "Most Gorgeous Guys I've Ever Seen In Person" list. Which I should make at some point. But...

So gorgeous. Really. I couldn't contain my need to ravish him, so I wrote on my whiteboard (it's on the front of my door for all to see):

"Ali's mind theater:
Imaginary Flirting 101.

'I've noticed some
serious sexual
tension between us...
what's your name
again, before I
ravish you all over?'"

... Because I'm still not entirely sure his name is Riley. Lulz.

Too bad I looked like poop on a stick at the time.

Anywhos, today I got a package from my mommy, which held a big plate, two smaller plates, a small bowl, some differin, a couple of really huge blue floofy fabricky thingers to decorate part of my room with and a few envelopes with some stamps. Yay for Mommy!

Thanks to her, I am now able to send my own care package to the folks at Wilson. It includes: Friendship bracelets for Jane and Na'ama, a packet of apple cider for Amanda (it's freaking delicious by the way, I'm having some right now), some Nerds Watermelon chapstick for Jessica, a super absorbant o.b. tampon, a receipt from Quizno's, a peice of paper I put on my door when I was practicing for auditions to let people know I wasn't crazy, a couple sticks of Trident Tropical Twist gum, aaaand probably something else that I forgot.

Hurdy hurr, I am so cool.

I took a trip to Market of Choice today and got some more healthy-ish eat-at-home meals, such as healthy wheat bread and healthy jam and reduced fat skippy for delicious pb & j times, some super healthy tortillas and reduced fat mixed cheese for the good ol' cheesy tortilla trick, and some organic noodley things. I forgot to get some more milk for my cereal, though, which is sad, but I bet they sell milk in carton at the food court, which is chill. 'd. In the refridgerator. Haha.

Tomorrow I have a quiz in Japanese on the characters for a (looks like a screaming turtle), i (looks like two eels), u (just looks super cool, also kind of like a turned around u with a dashy thing at the top), e (looks like a pretty z with a dash on top) and o (the "golfing flag thing with the golf ball and all that jazz). Also, ohayou gozaimasu (polite Good Morning), konnichiwa (Good Afternoon), arigatou gozaimasu (polite Thank You), konbanwa (Good Evening), iie (no.; not at all), hajimemashite (How do you do?) and doozo yoroshiku (nice to meet you).

I'll probably just cram in the morning or something. Good times!

EDIT: Oh yeah, almost forgot. Meme!

1) Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me.
2) Go to Google Images and search for that word.
3) Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results (don't tell me the word).
4) Put this in your own journal so that I can do the same.
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