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Sorry for lack of updates,

I've been feeling uber antisocial and I guess that includes teh intranets.

Note to self: FREAKING EMAIL CHRIS SACKETT ABOUT CLASS SCHEDULE PLEEEASE. Do it. For goodness sake. You SERIOUSLY need to. I don't care if it's going to be awkward and complicated, just do it, for the sake of all things holy.

And now, scheduling.


~9am wake up, shower, eat cereal for breakfast
~10am take Japanese workbook, go down to language lab
~10:15am, SIGN IN, ask for Japanese 101 CD, hopefully someone will know what you're talking about
~11:15am, finish listening portion of Japanese workbook chapter 1
~11:30am, go back to dorm, check mailbox get something to eat
~12pm, get all ready for heading off to Corio
~12:10pm, head down to Siskiyou and Bridge if you can find it
12:30pm board RVTD #10 at Siskiyou and Palm or Bridge if it's easy to spot
12:40pm get off at Lithia and Oak, if you have some extra time, check out the Tudor Gift Shop
1:05pm Be at New Theatre to see Coriolanus
1:30pm Coriolanus starts (Yay Danforth Comins!)
~4:20pm, get out of Corio
4:30pm, board RVTD #10 at Ashland Springs Hotel (aww, good times)
4:40pm, get off at Siskiyou and Avery
5pm-6pm nap
6pm get something for dinner, Americone Dream ice cream to eat at extra credit movie?
6:30pm head over to Hawthorne to watch The Kite Runner for 10 extra credit points, get a good seat
7pm Kite Runner starts
~9pm, discuss movie for extra credit
~9:30, head back to room, watch ANTM or Bones if you haven't seen one of them, and/or TDS/TCR, check up on Gaia whatsits

10am (hopefully) wake up, shower, etc., eat apple for breakfast
11am Do washing
11:35am do drying
12:40pm take clothes out of dryer, put them away
1:30pm get something to eat, check mailbox
2:00pm-5:00pm Head over to Hannon Library, 3rd floor. Look at all Tennessee William scripts and try to find something legit. 3x "something legit"s, actually. Monologues should not be longer than 20-25 lines, be contemporary and vaguely my gender and age and should hit home. Loneliness would be good. hardy har. Humor is excellent too. MAKE COPIES OF WHAT YOU FIND!
5:15pm, nap
After nap, email Monica with monologue ideas, she what she thinks, eat dinner, mess around on the computer
~7pm, PB & J for dinner, finish that stuff up man
8pm, Maybe watch Once in the Lounge?
11:30pm watch SNL?


At some point:

-Do essay for USEM
-Do box summary for USEM, read chapter 3
-start working on CS210 lab #3.
-Finish written portion of Japanese Workbook Chapter 1.
-Put recycling in the recycling
-empty trash, put new bag in there
-wash dishes
-tidy room a little. Not too much. Just enough.
-make sure your friends aren't dead
SLEEP please.

And for today, I have take a nap, eat dinner, EMAIL CHRIS SACKETT YOU FOOL, upload facebooky pictures of me to facebook, and watch Ugly Betty/The Office/SNLTU on the schej for the rest of the night. I'm going to go do the first of those things. Mmmm, bed.
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