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Thought you folks might be interested in these...

My letter(s) to Chris Sackett! Lots of facts, information, and confusion! Onward, to victory!


My name is Alessandra Fritz (Ali). I am a pre-theatre major with honors with the goal of joining the acting program here at SOU. I'm pretty dang confident that I will at least get into Acting I, if not proceed through the entire acting program. At this point in time I can't say I'm interested in anything other than Acting, except for maybe voice acting. Haha. I'm also vaaaguely interested in props and costuming, but not enough to make a life out of either of them.

I asked my den mother (Monica Keaton) about my crazy confusing credit situation and she said that you would be the best person to help me figure things out.

In high school, I took several AP tests as well as two separate improvisation classes at PCC and PSU. In total I have 42 credits already accounted for as an incoming freshman, so I'm sort of like a transfer... except not. I'm wondering exactly how much those credits will go toward making my trip through college easier and/or faster. I would love to be able to graduate a term or so early (saves time and money), though apparently that's absolutely unheard of in the department. My second idea was figuring out things so that my final year of college would essentially be solely theatre department classes and maybe interning/working at OSF.

If I am to accomplish that goal, however, I'm going to have to some pretty intricate planning to make sure everything is in order. I'm not really sure exactly how much information you'd want to know about my situation before scheduling a meeting, sooo I'm pretty much going to give you everything I've got and call it good. You may find that really unnecessary and annoying, completely disregard everything from here forward and really tackle everything face to face at a scheduled meeting. If that's your preference, I can probably just print this email off and bring it in when I come talk to you... haha.

Essentially, I not only want to figure out what classes I should be taking next term, I would also really like to figure out a general idea of what classes I'll be taking through my sophomore year.

My AP credits are as follows:
EC 202, Macroeconomics
HST 250 and 251, American History and Life
ENG 104, Intro to Literature
Spanish 101 through 201
WR 121, English Composition
(36 credits total)

And then there are my 6 Improv credits from PCC and PSU. When I brought the subject of my improv credits up with Maggie at registration she said that there is a high chance those credits would not be counted toward my major... that would probably affect my situation immensly either way.

My class load this term is as follows:
Japanese 101
USEM 101
Theatre Foundations
Concert Choir
Web Development
Theatre Practice (Ushering)
= 17 credits

After I've finished this term, I will only need these lower division university studies BA requirements:

Math 4 credits (I placed in the 97th percentile when I took the placement test, so I can pretty much take whatever math class fits into my schedule. I'd prefer to take 105H because it's the easiest and is an honors class.)

Science 8 credits (Looking at Astronomy. I'm currently taking web development this term.)

USEM 8 credits (duh)

Humanities 8 credits (Looking at Philosophy 201 and 205)

So I have 28 university studies classes to spread across, theoretically, the next 5 terms at SOU. Another thing that factors into the situation is that I'm currently taking Japanese 101, and would like to continue the first level Japanese program throughout this year if possible. I'm also taking concert choir and would like to take that every term this year as well, and there's the whole honors thing to take into consideration, if I want to keep up with that. The course load I've taken on this term is challenging but I can still keep up with it, so I've based each term's load on my current one. Sooo here's what I've kind of figured out so far...

Winter 2009- (I looked up these classes online, they do fit together schedule-wise.)
USEM 102
Japanese 102
Concert Choir
Mth 243: Elementary Statistics (In place of Acting I, which hopefully I could request to take in the spring instead of the winter to get my math credits over with.)
Script Analysis
Theatre Practice
=17 (to 19 credits, depending on what I do for my theatre practice. I really want to get into Dick Whittington and His Amazing Cat!)

Spring 2009- (may or may not work with scheduling)
USEM 103
Japanese 103
Concert Choir
Acting I
Stagecraft or Costume Fundamentals
Theatre Practice
=17 (to 19) credits

Now, where it really gets weird is during my sophomore year, and that's what I'm most confused about. The details get pretty fuzzy, and I'm not a fan of fuzzy. Most people will have loads and loads of university studies requirements to complete, while I will have anywhere from 16 to 20 credits. By this point I'll be willing to let Japanese go for a while to fill requirements quicker.

Fall 2009-
Ph 112
Phl 201H
4-credit theater thing (Acting II?)
3-credit theater thing (Stagecraft or Costume Fundamentals?)
Concert Choir
Theatre practice
=17 (to 19) credits

Winter 2010-
Ph 114
Phl 205H
4-credit theater thing
3-credit theater thing (Stage Lighting or Theatre Sound?)
Concert Choir
Theatre Practice
=17 (to 19) credits

Spring 2010- All lower level university studies requirements filled
4-credit theater thing
3-credit theater thing (Stage Lighting or Theatre Sound?)
Concert Choir
Theatre Practice
= 9-11 credits? Maybe 15 if I take my Math class this term instead of in winter 2009?

So THIS, this is where things get fuzzy. Spring of 2010, I could, maybe, declare myself a junior and start to eliminate my higher level university studies requirements, of which there are only 12 credits for. So after I fill those, I will pretty much ONLY have theatre classes to take... which is awesome. I'm wondering, though, does that mean there's a chance that I could graduate a term early, especially if the college improv classes I took during high school count towards my major?

I apologize for being so obsessive about this, I would just like to have some sort of idea as to how the next few years will go, when I should declare myself a junior, and if graduating a term early is a realistic goal. I just hope that all of the work that I did in high school to get at least a bit ahead in college was not for naught.

I'm also curious as to whether it is actually possible to graduate with honors in theatre or if I should just drop that whole "hey guys, I'm smart" thing altogether.

Now, I should really get to bed, because I have an insanely busy day tomorrow.

If we could schedule a meeting at a time that would be good for you, I would really be greatful. I'm free Monday-Thursday from 3pm onward, and I'm usually not that busy Friday through Sunday, though this particular weekend I am unsually busy. Bah. This email is way too long, I'm ending it now.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to working with you!
Alessandra Fritz

And then--

I was looking through the university requirements, and I noticed a little note that says:

"Jr. Plan needs to be filed with your major department by 90 credits."

I guess I had a misconceived notion of exactly when I would be able to "become" a junior? I will have over 90 credits by the end my freshman year. Most likely at least 93 after Spring 09. Sooo, I'm wondering what I'm supposed to do there...

Also, I was checking up on the honors scholar requirements, and apparently I can apply to be an honors scholar after I've taken one honors class, even if my major department doesn't currently have an honors program (as must I assume is the case with the theatre department).

I had forgotten that I need to take at least one honors course this year to stay in the program, so I figured that into the equation, looked up the available honors courses and have switched out Statistics with Honors Ethics: Moral Issues in my tentative Winter 09 plan. I can just take my math class sometime later on, no biggie. They both fill university studies requirements.

Es good, no?

Sorry again for bothering you with all this nonsense. :)
Ali Fritz

In other news, I got a few posters to decorate my room with in the mail today. I bought them over ebaylicious ebay. One ridiculously huge ONCE poster, one smaller The Fall poster, and another smaller I Support Cedric Diggory for the Triwizard Tournament poster. I may take pictures eventually. Wait with baited breath my friends.
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