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I went to Sakuracon

And it was delightful. Even though I forgot my camera. And my Renge shoes. And my Momo plush. And I think many other things. I got to hug Leah Clark and Wendy Powell! MAH! PS, J. Michael Tatum is freaking hilarious. The Funimation gang kind of made me want to move to Texas. Which is terrifying. Because, I mean, come on. It's Texas. And I'm a total hippie. Anyways.

Umm, there are also many cosplay updates, but I think it might be simplest to post a link to my profile:

But one thing I will post here, is that I HAVE MY BLUE CONTACTS, and the are le gorge. See a couple of pictures below:


This is a NEW and OFFICIALLY SOURCED article. Apparently the movie is still scheduled to be released this year. Can I just say, OMG OMG OMG. ;)

The best news of all in this is that Milly is included in the storyboard preview shooting her stungun. Which MEANS, ipso FACTO, that Meryl will be in the movie. Hells. Yes.

PS, I want more anime convention plz. Hay AX. Tell me things about your anime convention other than random composer guy. thx.
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