alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Thank you very much-o

Heyyy soo.
Long story short.

I'm transferring to Willamette University for fall semester 2009. Because:

1. More challenging coursework, so
a. I will learn, and
b. I will actually want to go to class sometimes. (WHAT?)

2. The theatre community there is very small (about 30-40 students total), so
a. They will actually want me to be there,
b. I will actually be able to make legitimate friends,
c. They have more time to help me figure out my voice acting stuffs,
e. They are constructing a huge epic black box theatre where they will be able to do THEATRE IN THE ROUND which is like mi favorito if you know what I mean.

3. The campus is goooorgeeeous. In that...
a. They have a little river running through shaped like a W. You know I love my water features.
b. Apparently there is a duck the size of a goose called "The Lord of the Ducks" who likes to waddle around and look handsome.
c. There are lawn chairs set out everywhere for your relaxational pleasure
d. They have 5-star cuisine. No joke. What is that about? Deliciousness. That's what it's about.
e. Kaneko commons, the place in which I'm hoping to have my dorm, has a swimming pool. Yeah boy. ALSO
f. Apparently some single rooms in Kaneko have their own private bathroom. This is college blasphemy but what do I care? I could shower in peace again!
g. Many more examples of beauty.

4. They are giving me a $13,000 merit scholarship because I am the smarts. So
a. I will feel cool about myself and
b. After need-based aid and Princeton helping out too (Thank you Maxwell) WU may only cost marginally more that SOU which would be laughable considering how lame SOU is...

I am super super super crazy happy about this! YAY! :) Another plus is that Willamette is a private school, which means they've got a schedule which includes a month-long winter break as well as a summer break that starts mid-May and goes until the last few days of August. Which is a big yahtzee for me.

That is all. Please continue to go about your days. <3
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