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Donde esta mi cena?

So Jewlyn, AX already has pre-reg for 2010 up, thought you should know. Basically you just go through the old system (with my email and our old password) and add a new registration for each of you, then pay for it, and it'll be transferred to the new system when the new system is ready.

Or you could wait until the new system is up and pay $5 extra for the convenience of not getting hella confused. XD That is also an option.

I am currently hoping to have a Sophie (from Howl's) cosplay ready for AX10. We shall see my friends. We shall see. I'm also getting a cape for my Meryl costume so hopefully it will actually be wearable. Lulz.

In other news I was recently looking at my invoice for the fall term at Willamette and noticed that apparently they assigned me a room at Alpha Chi Omega, which is RIDICULOUS because 1, I vehemently requested a single room, and 2, I think sororities are creepy and they have not approached me. Had they approached me I would have told them they were gross and to go away.

I have to wait until Monday to get an email back and find out WTF they were thinking. Until then I will stay vaguely irritated. ):
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