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01. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
02. Do this everyday for eight days without fail.
03. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

07/28/09-- (Day 2) Long story short, it looks like I may be able to get an apartment on campus with one of the girls who is in the same situation I am. This might mean that I would get my own room and sime quiet time to myself -- she feels the same way I do about the Alpha Chi sitch. She's an environmental science major focusing on solar power. She seems like a cool girl from the conversations we've had so far. Also, Ai (girl I was commissioning the Gambino props from) finally emailed me back:


I am so sorry that your props never arrived! I did mail them out a week before you said you needed them. I've spent the last month in the hospital with Pnuemonia and just got out earlier this week. I actually have a friend who updates and runs my site. I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to those sort of things. What I can do is make a new set of props and ship them, all at my expense. I'll also throw in a free prop of your choice. I really really apologize! I will go buy the materials tonight.

<3 Ai"

My response:

"Oh dear! I'm so sorry you were sick again. That's very nice of you to
remake and reship the props -- strange that they never got here. I'll
make sure to change the review I wrote on ASAP. The free prop
really isn't necessary, I can't think of what I'd want, anyway. Thank
you so much for always being so kind, Ai!


Oh, and as far as tagging people goes... bah. If you want to do it, do it. <3
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