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Tentative tune'd rendition of "3 Wishes" by Alessandra Fritz

634K 3:26
(no transcription available)

Sorry for all the slidyness, that tends to happen at nearly 3am. Also the weird breathy spurts which totally ruined the mood. ALSO BEWARE OF THE BEEP AFTER THE SONG ENDS. I recorded it on my phone and I had to press a button to stop recording, which resulted in beeping. Perhaps next time I'll put my phone on silent. Lulz.

I wrote the majority of this at college and spritzed it up a bit last night.

Crap, I just realized why the ending sucked so much last night. My original song ended in "She'd wish for love, love, love" repeated instead of that stupid "for her love, for her love, for her love too." A mi no me gusta.

"3 wishes"

Light shines through the fog
on a cold dark night, illuminates your path
and sweet, sad songs of silence
ring on and on reminding you of what you had

It's been 3 years and counting
since she heard those words and you walked away
things undone and unspoke
but you wouldn't even know what to say

If she had 3 wishes
If she had 3 wishes
If she had 3 wishes
She'd wish for you.
And they'd tell her all
your wishes were
for her love, too.

One more story shred in the recycle bin
where it belongs
the repitition's stagnant in the radio
with every new song

(coro x2)

you need
a sign
will you know, will you know?

a light falls
in the darkness
will it go, will it go out?
Or will it burn, will it burn, will it burn?


In an ideal recording world, there would be some sweet overlapping of parts of the song at the end. But I am too lazy.

I'm currently pondering over this new song called "Invisible People" in which the coro goes:

And we are just invisible people
with invisible lives
invisible hearts
invisible smiles

and I can't see what you don't see in me
you can't see what I must see in you.

I thought of something else last night but yo no se que it was.
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