alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Even more! All stolen from Marie.

What animal would you be?
LJ Username
favorite color
You'd be:
This QuickKwiz by Lisasayzhi - Taken 405 Times.
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Aww, I'd be so cute. And ferocious.

Livejournal Stalkers...
LJ Username
Pick a phrase:
Who is your stalker? monkeykaiba
Who are you stalking? shadoweddestiny
Who took naked pictures of you? monkeykaiba
Who bought the pictures from them? kitoshi
Who sneaks into your room at night to steal your underpants? brutal_contempt
Are any of these accusations true? (8) - You may rely on it. - (8)
This QuickKwiz by cannibalkitten - Taken 122 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

o_o; MATT. >___>;; How could you? My UNDERPANTS?! Seriously. Shaaaame.

Your Element
Your element- Fire: Earth
What do you do- Arson
This cool quiz by Midnight_Sunrise - Taken 3021 Times.
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High School LJ Yearbook
LJ Username
School Colours
Class Slut kitoshi
Hot Jock brutal_contempt
Flamming Gay/Lesbian shadoweddestiny
Ugly Nerd fieryflames
Caught Smoking In The Bathroom shadoweddestiny
Teacher Everyone Wanted To Screw monkeykaiba
This Quiz by imsogrrj - Taken 1622 Times.
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Best in the land, the mighty Woodrow Wilson High, Throughout the league, opponents hear our battle cry -- FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Victory for you, our mighty Trojans brave and true, for the green and white will FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Our loyalty forever, Wilson High!

Your LJ friends secret identities
LJ Username
This person is secretly a cross dresser kitoshi
This person is secretly rich and famous kitoshi
This person is a secret agent brutal_contempt
This person is secretly a porn star shadoweddestiny
This person escaped from a mental institution kitoshi
This person is secretly a superhero monkeykaiba
This quiz by Fluzzy - Taken 1078 Times.
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0o; Marie is famous, a crossdresser and mentally insane, all at once.


Sounds about right. xD Jusk kidding.

Which Harry Potter Kawaii Icon are You?
Favorite HP Character
Favorite Color
Description of Self in 5 words
Zodiac Sign
Your Harry Potter Icon
This Quiz by Asrien - Taken 709 Times.
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o.o; Dumbledore is pretty. ^__^
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