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I'll write you a song, and it won't be hard to sing

I'm not sure if anyone new would be interested in doing this, but as I recently pimped out my johari window I though I'd also mention that my Testimonials page is still open for testimonalz.

In other news I'm afraid I have fallen to the dark side and am now kind of obsessed with Kristen Stewart. I even call her KStew and have icons of her. I know, right.

Watch Speak and The Cake Eaters like I did. You might understand.

Man I can't wait until Adventureland comes out on DVD so I can rent it like crazy.

Nada para hacer tomorrow. I might clean the house or something. It would make my mommy happy.

Or I might just like walk to Subway or the movies or something... hahaha, I'm so quaint.
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