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snagged from kitoshi and lifty

Put your music player on random, and create a poem from the first lines of the first twenty songs that come up. The first line of the twenty-first song is the title.

So I Look in Your Direction

When the thorn bush turns white, that's when I'll come home
Trying hard to speak and fighting with my weak hand
You talk about life, you talk about death, and everything in-between
Over my shoulder

Everybody's always talking at me
Burn down like old cathy candles
Trying to catch the beat
I would climb any mountain

I need love, Love, to ease my mind
Oh stay with me, oh stay with me
It's been such a long time
Standing in the rain

There's a tear in the fabric of your favorite dress
The time I would spend with pictures I would not send
I remember stormy weather, the way the sky looks when it's cold
She was standing there by the broken tree.

Calm down, deep breaths
God bless the daylight
You told me don't look at the sun
The Atlantic was born today.
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