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self indulgence is the true key to happiness.

I had such a relaxing day today.

When I found out today would be a hot day, which was about a week ago, I decided I would go to the Lloyd Center mall to cool down. So I woke up at like 11, took a shower, and did my usual wake-up routine -- lots of checking lj and reading emails.

Then about two hours later I started getting ready to go. I was going to go to the library to return a book and get a book (both manga) first, then go to Subway, then head to the lloyd center. I decided today would be a good day to let my hair down. Then I decided to part it the other way.

Little did I know, my hair currently looks fabulous down. So, of course, I had to document the event.

Once I got to the Lloyd Center I went directly to Barnes & Noble, where I proceeded to buy Breaking Dawn. Hardcover, special edition. Yeah, I went there. I haven't looked at the poster that comes with it yet, but I'm not even going to lie, I'm probably going to put it up in my dorm room when I get to college. Yeah, I'll go there.

I haven't started reading it yet because I want to save it for my Ashland trip. I am excited though. Oh yeah, I also caved in and bought an Edward/Bella bookmark, because I had previously been using a tiny ribbon which didn't really work very well. Plus I thought the bookmark was cute.

Anyway, I splurged on a slice of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and some orange juice for dinner at like 3:30. It was good. And actually left me quite full until just now when I had some toast.

I also got about $75 worth of Old Navy stuff -- Dreamer jeans, cute dresses, blue flip flops. Funded by my mother, of course. They were kind of heavy taking home, though I got a cherry coke zero from 7-11 which helped the trek.

Then this evening I saw Paper Heart with Jessica, who got a job at her university library, which I am very happy about. My brother recently got a job too which makes me hopeful for my job at the mail center.

Paper Heart was ADORABLE. I was grinning the whole time. I absolutely loved it.

So, overall, an excellent day. Other things that happened: I got a seat by the ice rink at the lloyd center for once, AND no one bothered me on the max or the bus. My subway sandwich was made with just the right amount of pepper. AND I just remembered I have codes to enter on

Goooood tiiiimes. :)

I leave for Ashland tomorrow at 2ish!
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