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back from Ashland!

I'm back!

I read Breaking Dawn.

WTF, no final battle? It just made it worse that everyone was all, "The Volturi WILL challenge you again." I was like, so... WHY THE END?!

I found myself comparing Twilight to Harry Potter for the first time, and again, for the first time, was glad that Remus and Tonks died. Because IT MEANT THINGS WERE FINAL.

Bah. I did like that we got to see things from Jacob's side for a while, it made me like him a bit more, though not much. Imprinting is lame and NOT romantic. Thanks.

I mean, if it were just a continuation of the series, I'd be like, heck yeah, this is my favorite of them all. But because it's supposed to give me closure... Meh. Stephenie Meyer is right when she says she's not a writer. Writers know how to conclude stories.

On the other hand, I did enjoy Bella's character growth a lot. And of course, E/B juiciness.

That's it for now.

I have a favorite play now. It's called Equivocation by Bill Cain.

I go to Willamette on Thursday morning. I'm probably going to come home for the weekend, though, unless someone convinces me not to.

According to ratingtwilight, I am like Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed as far as Twilight actors/actresses go. Obviously this makes me want more icons of them. If I am like Nikki, she can't be too bad. (I have yet to form a solid opinion.)
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