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Sorry for the silence!

Long story short, Alpha Chi was a nightmare, so I am currently bouncing between housing situations. I'm currently home for the night. Tomorrow night/maybe sometime Monday I will be moving into a double room with an International student from Japan. I don't know if I'll be with her all semester or if I'll be able to get a single room soon. I'm going to call Housing services tomorrow and ask them a few questions, hopefully I'll remember to ask about that.

ALSO I got a job at the WU mail center! It's just 5 hours a week right now, from 8-9am in the morning Mon-Fri no less. But it's just sorting packages, so it shouldn't be that insane, and I will get money for it! I like money. Haha.

Susan Coromel seems really nice from the thirty minutes I spent talking to her yesterday, as do the rest of the theatre folks I met, which was about 5 people for about 2 minutes. But still, that's good.

In more sobering news I auditioned for women's choir at university today and ended up crying during the audition because I was sick and couldn't sightread well as a result. I hate singing while sick... she did say I "sang well for being sick" though, so I'm still optimistic. Especially since my impression is that the choir I was auditioning for is the easiest to get into.

Monday at noon I have auditions for Antigone. I should really be memorizing and perfecting that monologue... meh, I'll work on it tomorrow. It's really short anyway, I have like half of it memorized already. I'm more worried about getting better before then, since I do have to sing for the audition, and I'd prefer not to bawl in front of a prospective director.

Next weekend is Kumoricon! Today I got my Meryl cape in the mail from Alina -- it looks GLORIOUS. I think this may be the key to actually wearing my Meryl cosplay. I plan to wear it to Kumoricon on the first day. If I have time tomorrow I might see if I can find all of the parts and see how it all looks, maybe take some pictures. We shall see. For now, here is my...

Kumoricon Planning!

Cosplay: Meryl Stryfe, with blue water guns kept in bag?
1-2pm -- Q&A with Cynthia Martinez (voice actress for Sora of Kaleido Star) -- Live 2 / Pavilion West
2-4:30pm -- go to Nike Employee Store with brothers, Mom
4:30-5:30pm -- Q&A with Kirk Thornton -- Live 1 / Pavilion East
6pm -- Photobooth -- Chibi Room / Senate (3)

No cosplay, have to look nice and professional for Kirk
11:30am-1:30pm -- Dubbing workshop with Kirk Thornton -- Main / Grand Ballroom (B)
1:30-until bored, wander exhibit hall

Cosplay: Fuu? perhaps? Or none.
9-11am -- Let's Voice Act! A Beginner's Guide with Kristy Kay -- Workshop / Salon Ballroom III

Also, I have been doing some more academic planning...

Fall 2009
PHIL 110 -- Philosophical Problems (Analyzing Arguments)
THTR 155 -- Stagecraft I
THTR 140 -- Acting I
THTR 150 -- Voice/Movement I
JAPN 231 -- Intermediate Japanese I

Spring 2010
THTR 151 -- Voice/Movement II
THTR 141 -- Acting II
MATH 130 -- Contemporary Mathematics (Quantitative Analysis - Star)
JAPN 232 -- Intermediate Japanese II
Also, the Kabuki Theatre class you mentioned (??)

Fall 2010
THTR 217W -- Theater History I (Thinking Historically)
THTR 340 -- Acting Studio I
ECON 230 -- Economic Statistics (Quantitative Analysis - Star)
JAPN 331 -- Third Year Japanese I

Spring 2011
THTR 219 -- Theater History II (Interpreting Texts)
THTR 341 -- Acting Studio II
IDS 222 -- Fundamentals of Neuroscience (Understanding the Natural World)
JAPN 332 -- Third Year Japanese II

Fall 2011
JAPN 432 -- Conversational Japanese I
IDS 230 -- Rites of Passage in Japan and the United States (Understanding
THTR 355 -- Fundamentals of Scene Design
THTR 499 -- Senior Thesis

Spring 2012
JAPN 434 -- Conversational Japanese II
THTR 318W -- Performance in the 20th Century
THTR 479 -- Directing I
JAPN 201W -- Mod Japanese Society and Culture

Luckily not much is happening in the world during this hectic time. No fabulous TV-only shows like SYTYCD. Ted Kennedy did die, though. Poor guy. Cancer sucks, man.

EDIT: So if I do end up taking Intermediate Japanese that means I won't be able to be in Voce Femminile anyway. Sooo there goes that worry. Hopefully I'll get into Antigone though so I can keep up my singing and such.
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